Types of Commercial Overhead Doors

In just about every industry, a Commercial Garage Door Serves more than just the purpose of allowing people and vehicles in. They also allow and make it easier to unload items and load stuff onto trucks. Furthermore, they provide much-needed security.

However, Overhead Garage Doors are available in various sizes, materials, and shapes, mainly depending on their function. Below, we’ll examine some of the most common types of overhead doors.

The Roll-up Garage Doors

These doors are ideally suited for security and weather protection; they are made from metal slatted, offering excellent security and versatility. The roll-up doors will coil and be stored overhead. These are mainly built using heavy-duty materials which can withstand just about anything.

Roll-up garage doors are usually wall mounted with additional support that’s added from the vertical wall. That way, there is enough side and headroom. Unlike other doors, they don’t require a connection directly to the roof or the ceiling.

Fire Doors

These are similar to the roll-up style doors because they are raised and lowered either automatically via a motorized machine or manually. However, what sets these garage doors apart from the regular roll-up doors is that they offer a lot more protection. The doors are built from thick, often stainless steel, which also provides lots of insulation. That’s why the resulting door is noise and fire-resistant.

These doors are easily customizable and can be made to fit any building scenario. They are usually found in parking garages, mills, and warehouses. They also have an auto-closing functionality in case a fire is detected.

Security Grilles

Security Grills are available as an overhead door, which coils upwards or folds sideways. Made usually from galvanized steel or aluminum, they offer the best security features with their advanced design. Also, these doors are available in varying patterns and colors. That way, you can specify an electric motor operation or get an open-air design.

The other option is the side folding grills which are excellent low-profile units. The grills usually form a security barrier around your property, securing it against debris and theft.

Sectional Doors

Usually, they are made from galvanized steel panels with internal insulation, which helps reduce noise and provides thermal isolation. However, you have the option to choose from various profiles, metal gauges, hardware, track styles, and glazing. Also, you have applications that will help to resist extreme temperatures like rain, wind, and dampness.

Just about all commercial properties are at risk of theft and criminal damage. That is why an investment in the right, secure garage door can be invaluable.


The type of commercial garage door you choose will vary depending on what you need. Every business is different and has its own set of unique needs. As garage door experts, we always advise that people make a list of what features their garage door should have and then find one based on that.