A Garage Door Jamb is often an overlooked piece that needs to get more attention in our professional opinion. These are often trim pieces that will cover the rough framed opening for the garage door.

The garage door jamb is also referred to as a liner or a wrap. The purpose of the jamb is to cover the often rough framing while providing a mounting location where the garage door seals. Owing to its location and the wear and tear anticipated, you are better off going with a sturdy option.

Our vehicles, boats, or even our toys go in and out of the garage. However, think about what will happen if someone accidentally rubs a side mirror or something similar against the garage wrap as they back out. The same goes for if they rub the boat or trailer against it? If anything, the prospect of fixing the garage door and the car or boat can be daunting, not to mention costly. That’s why it’s best to know what trim material is the ideal choice for your garage door opening.

Using Real Wood Trims As Jambs

Natural wood jambs are extremely common and one of the best choices in our experience. If you want stiffness, strength, rot resistance, aesthetics and durability, you can’t go wrong with wood. The other reason to choose wood is that it easily fastens to the edges, and paint tends to adhere well to it (wood).

Generally, speaking there are three types of wood jambs, ones made from construction lumber, primed white wood and cedar /redwood.

When Should Garage Door Jambs Be Replaced?

Even the best wood jambs have to be replaced. Wood jambs will often rot after a few years, and there will be some degree of warping along the sides. Also, you want to close the garage door to see how much sunlight is coming through the door. If your jambs are painted, and you see chipped spots, there will be some water seeping through the wood, and that will lead to rot. Jambs with this problem should be replaced right away.

When is the Best Time to Replace the Garage Door Jambs?

The best time to replace the garage door jambs is when you’re getting a new garage door installed. Most technicians should be able to access the jambs easily. The new jambs are then installed right along with the vinyl weather seal, usually around the perimeter of the garage door, which will prevent bugs, leaves and critters from getting in.

We strongly advise that homeowners take special care of their door jambs as it is a vital part of their home. Also, ensure that you choose the right size.


After you have installed or replaced the jambs, it is a good idea to call professionals like us to adjust the garage door and the opener. The framing can change slightly, but that’s enough to damage the garage door and the opener if it isn’t adjusted correctly. We use a unique set of tools and experience to ensure that the adjustment is as precise as possible.